7th All India Conference Medical Service Centre (M.S.C.), Bangalore Medical College, Bengaluru

Executive Summary: The 7th All India Conference of Medical Service Centre, held in Bengaluru on November 4 - 5, 2023 brought together a diverse group of healthcare professionals and experts – doctors, nurses, pharmacists, paramedics, healthcare workers and volunteers and medical, paramedical and nursing students to discuss and exchange insights on the various challenges confronting healthcare and the medical profession today. The Conference featured erudite keynote speakers, informative discussions, and engaging sessions that addressed key challenges and emerging trends healthcare. 624 delegates from 16 States (Karnataka, West Bengal, Odisha, Kerala, Madhya Pradesh, Tamilnadu, Assam, Tripura, Delhi, Bihar, Jharkhand, Andaman & Nicobar Islands, Chandigarh, Gujarat, Haryana, Andhra Pradesh) attended the Conference. Above 150 medicos more attended the Open Sessions (Scientific, Inaugural, International, Socio-Medical Sessions & that on MSC with the People: Through Disaster). The Conference was a resounding success, that provided a platform for meaningful discussions, knowledge exchange, and collaborative initiatives. This report provides a comprehensive overview of the Conference proceedings, highlighting key takeaways and identifying areas for future exploration.

7AIC Conference

Press Conference: The Central Committee of Medical Service Centre (MSC) organised a Press Conference on 27 October, 2023 at Press Club, Bangalore. The Press Meet was addressed by Dr. Sudha Kamath (Plastic Surgeon, Vice-president Central Committee, MSC); Dr. Ansuman Mitra (Organizing Secretary, 7th All India MSC Conference Organizing Committee) Dr. Shashidhar Bilagi (Consultant Psychiatrist, Member, Reception Committee, 7th All India MSC Conference).

Key Themes and Topics: The Conference covered a broad range of themes and topics, including but not limited to: • Health as a Fundamental Right of the Citizens • Challenges to Public Health and Medical Education • Corporatisation of Healthcare • Health For All by the State Prominent discussions revolved around the current state of affairs in healthcare and medical education, the design of successive governments to completely privatise and commercialise health and medical education, erosion of the standards of medical education, fee hike and introduction of capitation fees in government medical colleges, allocation of budget to health and education, development of adequate infrastructure, among other important topics, with speakers sharing their expertise and experiences in addressing current issues and anticipating future problems and their meaningful solutions.

Scientific Session: The Conference began on 4 November, 2023 at the main conference venue at the 6th Floor Main Auditorium, BMCRI, with a Scientific Session which was Chaired by Prof. Dr. K. Ravi, HOD, Medicine, BMCRI. Prof. Dr. K R Ravindra, Dept. of Medicine, BMCRI spoke on emerging viral infections, and Dr. P S Mandal, Consultant Diabetologist and President, MSC Kolkata District Committee spoke on management of painful peripheral neuropathy.

Inaugural Session: The Conference was initiated by Hoisting of the Organisational flag by Prof. Dr. Vinayak Nerlikar (President, MSC & Former Prof.& HOD, Orthopaedics, Medical College, Nashik, MAH). It was followed by Garlanding of the Memorial Column by him & other dignitaries, Dr. Bijnan K. Bera (General Secretary MSC), Dr. K. Lakshman (Chairman, Reception Committee, & surgical gastroenterologist, Bengaluru), Prof. Dr. Ramesh Krishna K. (Dean cum Director, BMCRI), Prof. Dr. Asima Banu (Principal, BMCRI). Dr. Jayalakshmi N. (Principal, Government College of Nursing, Bengaluru) & Prof. Dr. P. N. Pal Chowdhury (Former In-Charge Principal, Govt. Autonomous Homoeopathic Medical College & Hospital, Bhopal, MP) were also to garland. Prof. Dr. Ramesh Krishna K., (Dean cum Director, BMCRI), the Chief Guest of the Inaugural Session inaugurated the Exhibition showcasing the struggle and achievements of the great pioneers of Medicine and the activities of MSC over the last five decades. The Conference was formally inaugurated by Prof. M.V. Nadakarni (Honorary Visiting Professor, Institute for Social & Economic Change (ISEC), & Former VC, Kalaburgi University. Welcome addresses were delivered by Dr. Vasudhendra N. (Joint Organising Convenor, & Consultant Ophthalmologist, Karnataka) & Dr. K. Lakshman (Chairman Reception Committee, #7AICmsc, & Consultant General Surgeon, Bengaluru). The Inaugurator Prof. Dr. M.V. Nadakarni in his Inaugural address spoke on the State of Education, Health policies and Primary Health Care. Then there was the address of the Chief Guest, Prof. Dr. Ramesh Krishna K. Following this, the Guests of Honour, Dr. Farokh E. Udwadia (the founding father of critical care medicine in India) spoke on Medical Ethics & Clinical Medicine. Prof. Dr. Shekhar P. Sheshadri, (Senior Professor [Retd.], Department of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry, NIMHANS) spoke on Communication challenges, child mental health & Stress in Campuses. The other Guests of Honour addressed: Prof. Dr. Asima Banu (Principal, BMCRI), and Prof. Dr. Victor Lobo (Vice Chancellor, St. Joseph University) spoke on Education Policy Today & People’s Health. Dr. Tarun Mandal (Vice President, MSC, & Former MP & Member of Standing Committee on Health & Family Welfare) highlighted that only the unique approach of MSC uniting all people for health to bridge people and health can create understanding about the root of anti-people health policies, create real resistance thus save public health & medical education, and stop corporatisation and achieve 'Health For All’ by the state. Dr. Abdul Subhan (noted educationist) & Dr. Francis Assisi D. Almeida (Secretary, Karnataka Regional Commission for Education) wished all success. Prof. Dr. Vinayak Nerlikar (President, MSC) delivered the Presidential address as Chair of the Inaugural Session, and then Dr. Bijnan K. Bera (General Secretary, MSC) addressed the Conference. The last part of the Inaugural Session had Release of the Souvenir of the Conference by Dr. Dharmananda (Consultant Rheumatologist, Bengaluru). Prof. Dr. U. N. Sarkar (President, MSC, WB State Committee & Former HOD CTVS, IPGME & R, Kolkata) then inaugurated the “Health Spectra”, the Journal of MSC. Dr. Asok K. Samanta (Founder General Secretary, MSC, & Founder Editor, Health Spectra) while releasing the book “Inherit the Spirit”, reflecting on the monumental task it represents – a biographic history of medical science, not merely a recounting of its developmental milestones. Against the backdrop of global turmoil, Dr Samanta drew poignant parallels to Bob Dylan's lyrics, hitting at the persistent issues of deprivation, exploitation, and war. He challenged the conventional practices of mere reading and studying, urging a profound realisation that sparks transformative action, aligning with the ethos of Medical Service Centre. Other eminent dignitaries who graced the Inaugural Session were Prof. Dr. K. Ravi (HOD, Medicine, BMCRI), Dr. Arvind Patel (Consultant Surgeon and Former Office Bearer of IMA), Dr. Bobby Joseph (Vice Dean, Community Outreach & Distant Education, St. John’s National Academy of Health Sciences, Bengaluru). The distinguished speakers highlighted the key problems in the domain of healthcare & medical education, and deliberated upon the means to save the medical profession from the all-out attack of corporatisation that has been brought upon it. Their insights resonated with the audience and provided valuable perspectives. Each speaker brought a unique perspective, contributing to a holistic understanding of the challenges and opportunities in the field. Vote of thanks was given by Dr. Gangadhar KS (Vice President MSC).

Parallel Sessions : The post-lunch session had parallel sessions. The Main Conference Venue at the 6th Floor Main Auditorium, BMCRI hosted the International Session & Scientific Session 3: Challenges & Prospects in Ayurvedic Medicine. The Dr. T B Basavarajendra Seminar Hall, BMC Alumni Association, 1st Floor was the other venue of the parallel session where Socio-Medical Session: Health, Education & Our People was held.

International Session : Health under Duress Three speakers deliberated on the challenges to health and those faced by the HCPs in their own countries. Dr. Asoka Hettiarachchi (General Secretary, Sri Lanka Doctors for Peace & Development, Sri Lanka) spoke on ‘Challenges faced by the HCPs through civil war & socio-economic crises’. Prof. Hugo Jannie (Univ. of Pretoria Community Oriented Primary Care Research Unit, South Africa) ‘Reflected from experience upon Care for people who use drugs’. Dr. Subramani Mani (Former Prof. of Medicine, USA) on a personal note narrated the ‘Story of his 97-year-old mom’s recent journey through the US healthcare system’, the pincer grip of corporate & insurance defining healthcare. Dr. Satyajit Singh (Consultant Uro-surgeon, Patna; VP, MSC & Indian Doctors for Peace & Development) as Chair, and Dr. D. Surendranath (Senior Physician, Kerala; Advisor, MSC CC) as Co-chair succinctly summed up the session and encouragingly put forward MSC’s effort to reach out to struggling medicos across the globe. Scientific Session 3: Challenges & Prospects in Ayurvedic Medicine Prof. Kishor Patwardhan (HOD, Kriya Sharir, Faculty of Ayurveda Institute of Medical Sciences, BHU highlighted the ‘challenges before Ayurveda in the modern times vis-à-vis the development of basic medical sciences, expectations from the health system, and the prospects of Ayurveda’. Dr. Sudha K. (Former Head, Department of Plastic Surgery, ESI Bangalore; President, MSC KAR) was the Chairperson, and Prof. Dr. P. N. Pal Chowdhury (Former In-Charge Principal, Govt. Autonomous Homoeopathic Medical College & Hospital, Bhopal, MP) the Co-chair.

Socio-Medical Session: Health, Education & Our People Dr. Anup Maiti (Consultant Gen. Surgeon, Kolkata; VP, MSC) as the Chairperson & Dr. Arvind Patel (Consultant Surgeon, Ballari; Former office bearer IMA, Karnataka & Former Chairman, Surgical Society of Karnataka) as Co-chair led a thoroughly learning session. Dr Kafeel Khan (Ex Asst. Prof. Dept of Paediatrics, BRD Medical College, Gorakhpur, UP; Founder HealthForAll, DoctorsOnRoad; Author: Manipal Manual of Clinical Paediatrics; THE GORAKHPUR HOSPITAL TRAGEDY) inspired the teeming young medicos in his talk on ‘Malnutrition, Child Health, and Being a Pediatrician in Rural India’. His emotional appeal to the students and young medicos present in the Conference while recounting the ordeal he had to face for challenging the powers that be struck a very resonant note. Dr. Kailash Jawade (Prof & Surgeon - DY Patil Hospital, Navi Mumbai, MAH; Founder President, DOST Dhawantari’s Organization for Socio-health Transformation) highlighted ‘Physician Associates In India’, and Dr. S. Sudhakar (Health Administration, CGHS, Mumbai) spoke on ‘Commissions, Policies, And Our People’s Health’.

Single Session : Main Conference Venue, 6th Floor Main Auditorium, BMCRI The house re-convened for a single session. Dr Ansuman Mitra (In-charge, MSC National Disaster Response Cell) dealt on the theme: ‘MSC with the People: Through Disaster, Distress & Deprivation of Health’. This is part of a series “What is MSC : Why MSC” initiated as a talk “Part 1: Scenarios of challenges to health & life : MSC’s role”. The unique role played by MSC all along since its inception, in becoming a new involved way of commitment and learning health for healthcare professionals and health workers throughout India enlightened particularly the new. Dr. Surajit Sahu (Consultant Ophthalmologist, Odisha; Vice President, MSC CC & Odisha) who Chaired, and Dr. Bhabani Shankar Das (Secy, MSC CC, & Paediarician, WB), & Dr. Pushpalatha H. (Associate Professor, VIMS, Ballari KAR) who Co-chaired have a long history of leading the MSC activity on the field.

7AIC Conference

Delegate Session: The Delegate Session commenced on 4 November afternoon. Dr. Biswanath Paria (Vice President & Former General Secretary) was proposed to Chair the Presidium that was composed by Dr. Bijnan K. Bera. One minute silence was observed in protest of the atrocities in Gaza, bombing of ambulance, children, hospitals, general & cancer hospitals, and in memory of the Health Care Professionals, children, women, elderly & patients lost. A brief of the Draft Organisational Report of 2017 till date was placed by Dr. Bijnan K. Bera The Cultural Session participated by delegates from all states including seniors was heartily enjoyed by all. The highlight of the 2nd day morning, 5 November 2023 when the Delegate Session continued was the address by Chief Guest, Prof. Dr. C. N. Manjunath (Director, Sri Jayadeva Institute of Cardiovascular Sciences & Research, Bengaluru). The entire house was enthralled by the several facets of the problems affecting healthcare and medical education he placed, drawing upon real life examples and his vast experience as a clinician and an administrator. In addition to the Draft Organisational Report, Case Reports from different states were placed by State level organisers in ppt. Dr. Shiva Kumar (Karnataka) described MSC growing through Flood & landslide 2018; learning during medical relief of worst-hit (but not recognised as flood victims) coffee plantation workers of Kodagu that in course of time grew into nidus for initiation of social movement; experience of MSC Study camps in KAR; Doctors Day evolving into MSC Cultural Day KAR. Dr. Sangram K. Brahma (MSC CC Member & Office Secretary, MSC OD) placed NAF NMC movement venture in 2019-20, the better contacts involved in cyclone, flood & other relief; how such young medicos faced the ghastly Triple Railway Disaster. He described how online Covid learning was shaped into regular weekly online seminars over 1 ½ yrs., involving old contacts who have become faculties, consultants as speakers; improved networking; creation of "JANA SWASTHYA", e-magazine of MSC, Odisha. A highlight of the organisational report: Dr. Chitralekha Das (Secy, MSC Assam & veteran CCM) showed MSC Medical & Relief Camps by MSC Assam through riot-affected Manipur in conflict & bloodshed, braving extreme threat to life. Dr. Anirban Bhaumik (Secretary, MSC Delhi) demonstrated how NAF-NMC contacts were involved in networking survey & conduction of 1-day camps in Delhi slums; telemedicine during Covid supported by with citizens’ committee Netaji 125th Birth Anniversary Committee & felicitation by the people helped develop close relationship with common people. The team joined in movement against NExT & against attack on education as a whole. Dr. Priyanka Saini (MSC Unit, PGIMS Rohtak, Haryana) narrated how PGIMS Unit initiated in 2016 through 6AICMSC; consolidated through 1-day camps, various awareness programme; could form the bulk of the historic 53-days long Medical Students’ Strike against capitation fees in the name of Bond Policy. Sr. R Malu (MSC Kerala) described medical relief in flood & landslide 2018; co-ordinating teams from different states; subsequently MSC activity spread; work in Maharashtra & Kerala Floods 2019 ; join NAF-NMC movement. Br. Abhay Singh (Secretary, MSC Guna, MP) spoke of the crisis precipitated by private nursing colleges in MP; copying in exams; movement demanding regularisation of Nursing & Para-medical exams. which have not been held since 3 yrs. Dr. Bhabani Sankar Das (Secretary, MSC CC) spoke on Challenges of joint movement led by MSC & SDF against violence on HCPs through 2017-18; Covid networking; epidemiological pyramid countrywide; online observation of different national & international days; maintain-ing Covid protocol in Cyclone AMPHAN and YAAS 2020, 2021. Dr. Biplab Chandra (Secy, MSC WB) showed how the movement against NMC first in 2017, later evolved into NAF-NMC in 2019 when MSC present generation leadership could step in timely at national level, identify, & enthuse good democratic elements, protect the core of the movement, exhaust compromising forces in camouflage. He touched upon learning clinics during Covid; clinics in medical camps – first humane touch in medical life, & digital media practices for MSC. Dr. Vasudhendra N. (Secretary, MSC CC) while supporting the Draft Organisational Report, summed up this method of placing case reports from different states with ppt, where all could visualise and learn to put to practice. Then the Draft Organisational Report with additions was put to vote and adopted unanimously by the Conference. The Presidium for the next section of the Delegate Session was composed by Dr. Bijnan K. Bera; Dr. Asok Samanta (VP & Founding General Secretary) was proposed to chair. Dr Bhabani Shankar Das placed a brief of the Draft Main Resolution which was supported by several speakers from across the country. Dr. Prajna Anirvan (Secretary, MSC OD) elaborated on bedside clinics vs. corporate health. Dr. Ashish Dahiya (Member, Haryana), Prof. Ratnakar Panda (Secretary, MSC CC), Sr. Sandhya Pawar (Organiser, MSC MP) spoke on various aspects of the Resolution. Dr. Nilanjan Dutta (Member, KAR, & JR MD Psy. NIMHANS) explained the crisis of rising numbers of suicide among medicos. Mr. Manoj (1st yr MBBS, BMCRI) & Mr. Shaswat (2nd year ABVMCRI, Bengaluru) from KAR spoke on various aspects of medical education. Dr. Nil Ratan Naiya (MSC CCM; Treasurer MSC WB) placed People’s health, Non-reg IHCP, and dignity in training that MSC WB is executing. Dr. Sweta Arora (General surgeon, Guna, MP) highlighted MSC practice of inculcating life struggle of pioneers to combat ethical erosion. Prof. Dr. P. N. Pal Chowdhury discussed on development & scope of AYUSH. Dr. Subhas Dasgupta (Vice President, MSC) supported the Draft Main Resolution & delivered the concluding remarks. He powerfully appealed to the delegates to inherit the glorious societal struggles that created the science and art of medicine, be happy to prioritise people's health, not to be mere witnesses in these troubled times, rather align with justice for the millions in need, grow to be torch-bearers of medical ethics in our times such that we judged by our contributions to humanity. The Draft Main Resolution along with the amendments & suggestions was put to vote & adopted unanimously by the Conference. In the following session, several Special Resolutions were placed in the House. Dr. Gangadhar KS (VP MSC) placed the first Special Resolution on ghastly attacks on Gaza Strip, particularly condemning attacks on HCPs & health facilities. The resolution was supported by Dr. Sudha K. (VP MSC, & President MSC KAR). A Special Resolution on crisis in medical education in government medial colleges in South India precipitated by NMC was raised by Dr. Vishal Doddamani (Intern, MR Medical College, Kalaburagi, KAR) & supported by Dr. Shahriar Alam (President MSC NBMC&DC Unit, WB). The Special Resolution on Nurses’ issue was placed by Sr. Bibha Maity (Member from WB) & supported by Sr. Bhaswati Mukherjee (Jt. Secy MSC WB; General Secy, Nurses’ Unity, WB). Service Doctors’ issue, raise head high against administrative terrorism & service movement was placed by Dr. Swapan Biswas (Jt. Secy MSC WB; Treasurer, Service Doctors’ Forum [SDF] WB) & supported by Dr. Sajal Biswas (Secretary MSC CC; Gen. Secy SDF WB). AYUSH issue was placed by Dr. Sangram K. Brahma, supported by Dr. Sanjay Mallik (MSC CCM from OD). Each of the Special Resolutions were put up for vote, and adopted after being supported. Valedictory Session started with Submission of Accounts by Sr. Prity Taran (Treasurer MSC) & its adoption. Constitutional Amendments were placed by Dr. Bijnan K. Bera, discussed, put to vote, and adopted. A 93-member Central Committee with Prof. Dr. Vinayak Nerlikar as President and Dr Bhabani Shankar Das as General Secretary was elected. Founder General Secretary Dr. Asok K. Samanta, a pioneer of health movement & medical ethics appealed to this august Conference with the concrete salient steps to develop consolidate organisation. Closing with a quote from Albert Einstein, he inspired attendees to carry the spirit of the historic conference, reinforcing MSC's message of serving the people and the society. The newly appointed President and General Secretary addressed the house and appealed to one and all for their generous support and help in taking MSC to greater heights in the coming days. A photo session was held following which the cultural programme by delegates from different states of the country was thoroughly enjoyable.

Conclusion: The 7th All India Conference of MSC was held at a time when the country is reeling under severe crisis in the healthcare sector. The Conference brought to a common platform prominent health activists, healthcare professionals, doctors, nurses, paramedics and medical students from different backgrounds, inspired by a sense of higher medical ethics and reiterated the primary idea that Health is a fundamental right of the people and it is our bounden duty to fight for the achievement of Health For All. The Conference ended with a renewed pledge to hold aloft the noble banner of medical ethics and to spread MSC across the length and breadth of India and beyond.

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