Condolence Prof Sanatan Rath

Medical Service Centre Central Committee is very sad to inform that Prof. SANATAN RATH, our beloved immediate Past President passed away at 10 am today at his residence in Cuttack, Odisha at the age of 86 yrs.

We could know only a few days back that he was seriously ill and hospitalised. Dr. Surajit Sahu, Vice President, MSC & President, MSC Odisha State Committee and other members of Odisha near Cuttack visited his residence on behalf of our CC to pay last homage.

He was Prefessor & Head, Department of Neurosurgery, SCB Medical College, Cuttack, developing this department decades ahead of most of the country. He was truly a pioneer in establishing and spreading neuroscience teaching and services in eastern part of India. Later as Principal, SCB Medical College, Cuttack, and DHS, Govt. of Odisha for some time, he tried to uphold the professional, academic and social priorities at that level. Through out his life he was out and out pro people, and the poor and needy always received his kind attention.

His demise is shocking, a great loss for socity, a big blow to our organisation MSC, and to all progressive health and social movements in our country, and the society at large, and personally for his patients and family.

Our deepest homage and regards to Prof. Rath, and heartfelt condolence to his bereaved family, friends and associates.

MSC State Committees will pay homage as per Covid-19 conditions, MSC CC will organise condolence meeting as soon as Covid-19 situation permits.