Protecting Human Rights

In the aftermath of the massacre perpetrated upon peasant women, children and men in the movement against land grabbing for SEZ at Nandigram and Singur in West Bengal, India in 2006-2007, our volunteers undauntedly rendered medical service, identified and recorded for the first time the statements of the rape victims and victims of indiscriminate firing, plunder and intimidation by the state powers (as recording of medical history was suppressed under severe administrative terrorism), treated them and instilled courage and confidence in their minds with psychological counselling which let them move the court of law and the issue came up before the world.

We had previously worked in the Bhopal Gas Disasterin 1984-1985 and riots following Babri Masjid demolition in 1992 where human rights were blatantly trampled down. But in Singur and particularly Nandigram we realised the primacy of medical documentation in suppressing or upholding justice for the oppressed toilers of the soil who create all the wealth of the land, but have no say in it, for whom we opt to wield science.

We have stood with Dr. Binayak Sen, physician & human rights activist in 2011with the “Free Binayak Sen Campaign : Doctors in Solidarity” when he was wrongly imprisoned.

Now since 2019 we are in the campaign against the repeated unjust imprisonment of Dr. Kafeel Khan and life threats to him and his family, standing with him and his family.