THE MEDICAL SERVICE CENTRE is a registered national-level socio-medical non-profit voluntary organisation comprising of all people related with health, i.e. all systems of medical practice and all categories of health personnel, to stand by the people in times of disaster, distress and deprivation of health.

This unique organisation learned to rally all who are concerned with the health of the people on the anvil of medical ethics as a part of the ongoing social struggle, the point of unity being to uphold and protect the right of the people to health as a fundamental right.

What sets the MSC apart is its ideology and line of thought for elevating the plight of ailing millions. The relation they have developed with our brethren who create wealth, the masses, made them see and empathise with their endless suffering. The MSC moreover strives to inculcate the life struggles of the pioneers and stand as a beacon to combat erosion of ethics, decadent individualism and commercialisation of health and education.

Medical Service Centre Central Committee

Elected at the 6th All India Conference, PGIMS, Rohtak, Haryana & Jantar Mantar, New Delhi 15-17 October 2016

Board of Advisors

  • Prof. Asim Kumar Roy Chowdhury, WB
  • Prof. D.K. Sharma, New Delhi
  • Dr. K.B. Bakshi, West Bengal
  • Prof. Manoj Kr. Bhattacharyya, WB
  • Dr. Mary John , Karnataka
  • Prof. Mradul Kr. Daga, New Delhi
  • Dr. Muzaffar Ahamad, New Delhi
  • Prof. Pradyot Kr. Hazra, West Bengal
  • Prof. R.K. Gupta, Haryana
  • Prof. Sanatan Rath, Odisha
  • Dr. Santosh Sarkar, West Bengal
  • Prof. Subhas Chandra Chakraborty, WB
  • Dr. Surendranath D, Kerala

Central Committee


Prof. Vinayak Nerlikar, Maharashtra


  • Mr. Amar Nath Chatterjee, WB
  • Dr. Anup Maity, West Bengal
  • Dr. Asok Samanta, West Bengal
  • Dr. Biswanath Paria, West Bengal
  • Dr. Gangadhar K.S., Karnataka
  • Dr. Gopal Mahato, Jharkhand
  • Prof. Jagdish Chander, Chandigarh
  • Dr. Kisan Pradhan, West Bengal
  • Prof. P.N.P. Pal, Bihar
  • Dr. Satyajit Singh, Bihar
  • Dr. Subhas Dasgupta, West Bengal
  • Dr. Sudha K., Karnataka
  • Prof. Sukumar Mukherjee, West Bengal
  • Dr. Surajit Sahu, Odisha
  • Dr. Tarun Mandal, West Bengal

General Secretary

Dr. Bijnan Kumar Bera, West Bengal


  • Dr. Ansuman Mitra, West Bengal
  • Dr. Bhabani Shankar Das, West Bengal
  • Dr. Hariprasad, Kerala
  • Dr. Jiten Murmu, New Delhi
  • Dr. Ratnakar Panda, Odisha
  • Dr. Sajal Biswas, West Bengal
  • Dr. Vasudhendra N., Karnataka


Sr. Prity Taran, West Bengal

Office Secretary

Sr. Chinmoyee Mukherjee, West Bengal


  • Mr. Ajoy Chatterjee, West Bengal
  • Dr. Amar Ranjan, New Delhi
  • Dr. Anand Singh Dangi, Haryana
  • Dr. Anirban Bhaumik, Tripura
  • Dr. Anu Chander, Chandigarh
  • Prof. Ashok Kr. Maity, West Bengal
  • Dr. Biplab Chandra, West Bengal
  • Mr. Chandresh Kumar, MP
  • Dr. Chitralekha Das, Assam
  • Mr. Debashis Bal, A & N
  • Dr. Harminder Singh, Punjab
  • Dr. Inderjit, Chandigarh
  • Mr. Khem Chand, Haryana
  • Mr. Lalit Ghosh, Bihar
  • Mr. Madhab Bhagat, Bihar
  • Sr. Mahua Maity, West Bengal
  • Dr. Manoranjan Mahakur, Odisha
  • Dr. Mridul Sarkar, West Bengal
  • Dr. Muhammad Shafeek, Kerela
  • Dr. Nilratan Naiya, West Bengal
  • Prof. Nupur Banerjee, West Bengal
  • Dr. Panchanan Pradhan, Odisha
  • Sr. Parbati Pal, West Bengal
  • Dr. P.C. Singh, Bihar
  • Dr. P.S. Babu, Kerala
  • Dr. Prantosh Maity, West Bengal
  • Prof. Pradip Banerjee, West Bengal
  • Mr. Pravin Bansode, Maharashtra
  • Sr. Priti R.B. , MP
  • Dr. Rajmohan Parmar, Haryana
  • Dr. Rajshekhar M., Karnataka
  • Sr. Rekha Pawar, MP
  • Dr. Rengaswamy, TN
  • Dr. R.Y. Asangi, Karnataka
  • Dr. Sangram Brahma, Odisha
  • Dr. Sanjay Malik, Odisha
  • Mr. Satish, Jharkhand
  • Prof. Sobha Nerlikar, Maharashtra
  • Dr. Subhankar Chatterejee, WB
  • Prof. Sudip Das, West Bengal
  • Dr. Timir Das, West Bengal
  • Dr. Tribhuban Nath, UP
  • Prof. Vidhya Deswal, Haryana
  • Dr. Vishnu Sabahit, Karnataka

Journal Committee, Health Spectra

Editor, Health Spectra

Dr. Ansuman Mitra, West Bengal

Board of Editors, Health Spectra

  • Dr. Nasreen Ali, West Bengal
  • Dr. Pitabas Nayek, Odisha
  • Dr. Sajal Biswas, West Bengal
  • Dr. Vasudhendra N. , Karnataka

Advisory Board of Journal Committee, Health Spectra

  • Prof. Amit Kumar Dinda, New Delhi
  • Dr. Anup Kumar Sadhu, West Bengal
  • Prof. Dhruva Chaudhary, Haryana
  • Dr. Kusagradhi Ghosh, West Bengal
  • Dr. Nishith Kumar, UK
  • Dr. Prakash Chandra Mandal, WB
  • Dr. Saibal Jana, Chhatisgarh
  • Dr. Subramani M, USA
  • Dr. Sudha K. , Karnataka
  • Dr. Sudhakar S., Maharashtra
  • Dr. Sudhir Kumar, Bihar
  • Dr. Sumit Ray, New Delhi
  • Dr. Sumita Ghosh, New Delhi
  • Prof. Sundeep Mishra, New Delhi