One is free to join MSC as a volunteer in our disaster medical response, in our activities of public health & awareness, as a regular volunteer in our permanent medical camps, help in organizing conferences, seminars-symposia-workshops, in our publication & documentation team, stand for people’s health where health, life, health system is at risk, or even as a canvasser, fund raiser, or even spread the word of this concept.

Flood, drought, cyclone, earthquake, one epidemic on the heel of the other – are these inevitable? Should we merely be silent spectators? Can not all concerned with health of our brethren unite to uphold and protect the right of the people to health? Can they not respond to their hearts’ call at the sorry plight of our hapless fellow people?

MSC earnestly appeals to all doctors, nurses, para-medics, medical-nursing-paramedical students and health workers of all categories, of all systems of medical practice to come forward for the diseased millions who are waiting for us. We have to serve them, educate them and make them health conscious. Health is our birth right not a charity. We have to raise the banner of medical ethics and morality on which the mighty health movement of the ailing masses will emerge to establish fundamental right- “The Health”.

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