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National Health Policies & Such Issues

16-7-11 : Kolkata - Protest meeting at Medical College gate against proposal PPP model policy of WB, State Govt.

21-6-10 : WB - Deputation to MSVP of RG Kar Medical College Hospital, Kolkata against PPP.

14-6-2010 : WB/Kolkata - NRSMCH gate campaign against PPP model in Health Policy & Help Desk.

15-4-2008 : Kolkata – Convention against Privatisation of Health.

29-10-2007 : Delhi – Historic Mass Deputation of Health Professionals to Prime Minister with 10,000 signatures of Medicos for pro people Health, Drug and Medical Education policies & against Globalisation-Privatisation of Health Care. More than 500 Medicos (from 13 states and one Union Territory) marched from Jantar-Mantar to Parliament Street and submitted memorandum to PMO.

2006 : Delhi, Kolkata – MSC provided clear guideline in the movement regarding Reservation in Central Govt. Institutions against communal splitting of students.

2006 : Tamilnadu – Signature Campaign against Capitation Fee, Hospital Charges hike, Seat Curtailment.

23-10-05 : Delhi – National Convention against Capitation Fee at LHMC with AIDSO. Chief Guest - Prof. Debabar Banerjee. Dr. Subhas Dasgupta, Dr. Sourav Mukherjee spoke among others.

5-4-2003 – Karnataka/Bangalore – Convention against ‘Capitation Fee’ at Senate Hall.

1989 : W.B. — Protest against Black Hospital and other Institutions Bill 1987.

1988 : Haryana — State unit launched protest movement against Hospitals and other Institutions (Redressal of Grievances of Employees) Bill, 1987.

11-5-1988 — Sit-in-Demonstration at Boat Club, Delhi against Hospital Bill and letter to President of India to withhold consent to the Bill.

1987 : Chandigarh — Seminar against 'New National Drug Policy '86.

Junior Doctors’ Movements

May-June’09 : Bihar/Patna – Junior doctors movement, MSC supported.

May-June, 2008 : Bihar/Patna – Participated and guided Junior doctors’ movement, mobilised citizens in favour.

2008 : Odisha State MSC supported and participated in many movements like

  • Surgeons movement for permanent jobs.
  • All Odisha Pharmacists Association strike.
  • Junior Doctors’ movement led by MSC.

8.3.2006 : Maharashtra/Mumbai : — Participated in Human chain composition by MARD at Azad Maidan. Dr. Tarun Mandal addressed in favour of MARD Demands and Movement.

2006 : Maharashtra – Support of Resident Doctors Movement and protest against imposition of MESMA by State Govt.

18-12-2006 : KEM Hospital/ Mumbai – meeting with MARD by Dr. B N Paria & Dr. Tarun Mandal.

1994 : Bihar/Patna - Supported junior doctors' movement and for improvement of education and health care.

13-3-1989 : Chandigarh — Protest against lathicharge by Police on Medicos and against suspension of 365 doctors.

1989 : Assam — MSC unit supported their state JDA movement with Leaflets, Seminars.

Harayana — Supported and participated in Junior Doctors' movement at its every Critical Stage.

31-12-89 : Letter to Prime Minister of India supporting RDA movement of centrally run Institutes.

Karnataka — Resident Doctors movement. MSC mobilised senior doctors, Nurses, Students and IMA in support of the movement. Joint Seminars and Meetings were also held with RDA.

1-7- 89 : Karnataka : Protest meeting against Govt's attack on medical community combining 8 medical organisations.

1-7- 89 : Karnataka/ NIMHANS — RDA movement supported in NIMHANS, Bangalore.

1988 : Haryana — State Unit supported junior doctors movement in the State.

1988 : Odisha — MSC supported OMSA movement.

1988 : UP — Junior Doctors movement at Aligarh, Benaras, Kanpur supported by MSC.

1988 : Delhi — MSC All India Committee Organised Seminar, Convention, Procession in support of the junior doctors movement. Also published leaflets and booklets.

MSC — All India Committee extended support to the fighting junior doctors of Assam, AP, Odisha, Maharashtra and UP.

1988 — Supported junior doctors movement in AIIMS.

Feb. 1987 : Karnataka — Actively participated in junior doctors movement

Haryana : Supported junior doctors movement and protested against arrest of President, JDA, Rohtak.

1986 : WB — All Bengal Junior Doctors movement for enhancement of Stipend, hospital facilities, corruption free exam. System and Job for unemployed doctors.

— Parallel outdoor organised by junior doctors.

— MSC supported, participated and directed the movement.

Jan-June, 1984 : WB — Participation in Conventions, Seminars, Symposia, Exhibition to build up health movement with the people in continuation with the glorious Junior Doctors Movement.

1983 : WB — Historic junior doctors movement for improvement of Hospital Services by ABJDF. MSC provided frontline leadership who braved lathicharge, jails and guided the movement towards partial victory. Dr. Anup Maity, Dr. B.S. Das, Dr. Tarun Mandal, Dr. Kisan Pradhan, Dr. Tapas Panda, Dr. Bijnan Bera, Dr. Asok Samanta and Dr. Biswanath Paria played advisory roles glorious role among others.

1982 : WB/ Kolkata — All Bengal Junior Doctors' Federation revived through a convention at GLT, Medical College Hospital, Kolkata. Demands formulated. Dr. Debasis Dutt, Dr. Biswanath Paria, Dr. Asok Samanta, Dr. Jaydev Pathak, Dr. Kisan Pradhan were present among others.

Teachers’/ Service Doctors’ Movements

2008: Odisha State MSC supported and participated in Surgeons movement for permanent jobs.

2006 : Kerala/Trivandrum – Govt. Doctors movement supported. Press Conference held.

W.B. Protest against murder of Dr. Amal Sardar, at Murshidabad dist.

W.B. MSC opposed contractual services of doctors and teachers, as per agreement with World Bank.

W.B./Midnapore — Protested assault of CMOH by Hosiptal staff alongwith IMA, Midnapore Branch.

16- 10-89 : MSC tried to develop Teachers' movement in Five Medical Colleges of the State.

1988 : Haryana — Protest movement against closure of an Ayurvedic Medical College of Rohtak along with doctors, teachers, students and employees.

July, 1987 : Haryana — participated and supported in joint movement of Central Govt. Doctors.

25-7-1987 : MSC All India Committee supported movement of Central Govt. Doctors with press statement and other co-operation.

Medical & Paramedical Students

8.5.09 : Kolkata – SSKM Medical College – Citizens Convention against attack on Students' Union Members

2008 : Odisha State MSC supported and participated in many movements like

  • Dental Students movement for permanent jobs.
  • All Odisha Pharmacists Association strike.
  • Hunger strike of physiotherapy students
  • Sambalpur University students Hunger strike against rape of a girl student

Feb 2005: Bangalore – Protest Demonstration against Fee hike in UG and PG Medical courses.

16-9-2005: W.B./Kolkata – Sit-in-Demonstration at CMC against derecognition of the college.

2004: WB – Students movement against Capitation Fee based admission in Govt. Medical Colleges. Alongwith AIDSO. Victorious movement.

June 2003 – Karnataka/Bellary – Protest Rally and Human Chain against CET imbroglio.

1999: MSAF movement for Review system in Medical Exam. under CU.

1998: Odisha/Bhubaneswar — MSC supported movement for nationalisation of Ayurvedic Medical College, Bhubaneswar.

Karnataka : Medical Students Movement against tuition fee hike. MSC played vital role.

W.B. /Kolkata — Convention against threat of De-recognition of Medical College, Calcutta.

Kerala/Cannanore Dist — Student movement against self financing Medical College at Pariyaram.

W.B./ Kolkata — Helped Medical Students Action Forum (MSAF) to bring back Review System in Medical Exam.

1990 : W.B. : MSC protested against abolition of English Test in JE Exam. and moved for abolition of CM'S Quota in Medical and Engineering College of the State.

Supported Pharmacy students movement guided by WB Pharmacist's Association.

— MSC Haryana State moved in favour of selection through 100% test in PG admission.

— Movement for filling of 79 seats for MBBS/BDS courses out of CBSE quota.

25-6-1987 : Karnataka/Bangalore — Protest Rally of Students against handing over of Bowring and Lady Curzon Hospital to capitation fee based colleges.

Feb. 1987 : Karnataka — Actively participated in junior doctors movement and also built up movement against Capitation Fee System.

Supported Students movement of MN Ayurvedic College of Rohtak.

W.B. : MSC participated and supported students movement for Recognition of North Bengal and Burdwan Medical Colleges.

Organised Medical Students movement to improve hostel-library-laboratory facilities.

1984 : Protest letter to PM — not to abolish Capitation Fee based Medical Colleges at Maharashtra and Karnataka States but to takeover those by respective State Govts.

Homoeo Students/ Doctors’ Movements

24-5-09 : WB/ Purulia – Convention for ‘‘Save Homoeopathic Medical College’’. MSC Participated.

March 2009 : Kolkata – Deputation to Controller of Examination of Calcutta University, against irregularities in BHMS Final Exam.

1997 : W.B. — Movement for inclusion of DHMS in II Schedule of CCH by All Bengal Homoeo Forum.

W.B. : Degree Homoeo Forum movement against Deregistration of BHMS graduates.
Dr. Jhoton Das played important role.

Feb. 1990 : W.B. Organised Homeo students movement in the State.

Chandigarh — MSC supported Homoeo Students' movement in Abohar and Ludhiana for Degree Course.

1986-1989 : W.B. — MSC participated and helped to organise DMS students movement for Registration and Recognition of 1983-84 and 1984-85 batches of DMS Students. Dr. Timir Das, Dr. Biswanath Paria led the movement to victory.

Nurses’ Movements

May, 2009 : Bihar/Bhagalpur – J.N. Medical College & Hospital – Nurse’s Movement – MSC supported

June’2009 : Bihar/Patna – Nurse’s movement at PMCH against unnatural death of a staff nurse.

June, 2008 : WB/Kolkata – SSKM Hospital – Supported Nurse’s movement under banner of ‘‘Forum of Safety and Security of Nurses’’.

2008 : Odisha State MSC supported and participated in many movements like

  • All Odisha Pharmacists Association strike.
  • Odisha Nursing Association’s strike.
  • Sambalpur University students Hunger strike against rape of a girl student

24-5-2005 : W.B./ Kolkata – Nurse’s Rally from SM Sq. to Esplanade and Deputation to CM.

9-12-05. Kolkata – Solidarity to Fasting of 100 Nurses at Metro Channel.

28.11.2004 – WB/Kolkata – Nurse’s Rally against abolition of GNM Course, from CMC to Metro Channel. 200 Nurses marched.

1999 : Nurses' Demonstration at Calcutta.

1995 : W.B. — Supported Nurse's Unity movement against humiliating Pay Scale of Grade II Nurses of W.B.

Kolkata — SSKMH : movement against irregularities in Education in College of Nursing, SSKMH.

1993 : W.B. Formed ANM(R) Association and moved for appointment of '1990 to 1993' batches of ANM(R) Nurses in Govt Services. Nurses cultural Forum moved.

W.B./Purulia : Movement against unnatural death of staff Nurse Manasi Paria.

W.B. : MSC supported movement against "Diet charge hike in nurse's hostel".

Protest Demonstration against sexual assault and murder of Health staff Anita Dewan at Bantala, outskirts of Kolkata.

— Helped Nurse's movement to increase their stipend.

West Bengal — Forgery in Nursing Admission with Fake Marksheet —MSC led the movement with IMA, HSA, TNAI and NCF.

1989 : W.B./ Kolkata — protested against Rape of an on duty Trainee Nurse at Medical College Hospital.

1982 : WB — Nurse's Rally and Protest movement against brutal rape and murder of staff Nurse Barnali Dutta at Coochbehar District Hospital. MSC played vital role.

1982 : Kolkata — Citizen's Convention by MSC at GLT, Medical College. Calcutta against barbaric torture and murder of staff nurse Barnali Dutta. Prof. Sushil Mukherjee, Dr. A.B. Dutta, Dr. Asit Ghosh were present among others.

Citizens’ Movement for People’s Health

6-1-11 : WB/Kolkata - Movement for Release of Dr. Binayak Sen.

20-10-11 : Kolkata - Deputation to MSVP of B. C. Roy memorial children's Hospital against abnormal number of child death.

October, 2010 : Karnataka/Bellary – Deputation to Commissioner of Bellary for Medicines and safe drinking water supply.

12-3-11 : WB/Kolkata - Deputation to MSVP of Medical College Hospital, Kolkata.

14-9-2010 : W.B.— Mass Deputation to Chief Minister, Gathering at Metro Channel, Kolkata with Haspatal-O-Janaswasthya Raksha Committee (HOJRC).

2-9-2010 : WB/Kolkata - Janswasthya convention at CNMCH.

30-8-2010 : WB/Kolkata - Janswasthya convention at NRSMCH.

22-6-2010 : WB/Kolkata - Deputation to MCH Superinttendent.

30-9-2010 : WB/Kolkata - Health Convention at Students Hall.

5-8- July, 2009 : Kolkata – Solidarity to PTTI students movement and to monitor their health condition while sitting on indefinite fasting.

2008-2009 : WB/Hooghly – Mankundu Mental Hospital – MSC supported the movement to save the hospital.

1-2-08 : Kolkata – Protest Rally cum Dharna from Subodh Mullick Square to Metro Channel and Deputation to CM against ‘Bird Flu’ epidemic.

June, 2008 : WB/ Paschim Midnapore – Deputation to DM and CMOH for improvement of Health Centres.

24-6-2008 : WB/ Purba Midnapore/Tamluk – Deputation to CMOH by HOJRC and MSC.

14-12-08 : WB/Hooghly – Solidarity to Bansberia Jute Mill workers.

15-1-2007 • Karnataka/Bangalore – Protest March and Deputation against Stray Dog Menace with AIDYO and Citizen’s Committee.

17-4-2006: WB/Kolkata – Protest Deputation against Closure of Vital Depts. of School of Tropical Medicine at Kolkata.

June-July’06 : Movement against Closure of Malaria Hospital at Kalighat, many PHCs, K S Roy TB Hospital etc. Statewide protest movement.

7-11-2006 : W.B./ Kolkata – Convention against Spurious Monozyme Kits at Students Hall.

9-11-2006 : W.B./ Kolkata – Protest March against Monozyme Kits scandal.

20-4-2005 : W.B./North 24 PGS/Tentulia – ‘Health Convention’

31-5-2005. WB – State Level Deputation to CM against Privatisation of Govt. Hospitals.

30-8-2005 • Kolkata – Sit-in-Demonstration & Deputation to Mayor against Dengue, Malaria Menace.

29-8-05 WB/Coochbehar – Sit-in-Demonstration before– MNJ Hosp. Coochbehar

Bankura – Demonstration and Deputation at Medical College Hospital.

S-24PGS – Deputation to Mathurapur and Nimpith Rural Hospitals.

Murshidabad – Berhampore – Deputation to CMOH

23-8-05 – W.B./Katwa – Sit-in-Demonstration before Katwa Sub Divs. Hospital.

11-6-05 W.B./Suri – Deputation to CMOH by HOJRC

9-3-2002 : Kolkata – ‘Citizens' Convention’ to form Save Jadavpur K S Roy TB Hospital, Prof. Kishore Shankar Roy being presided.

18-3-2002 : WB/Kolkata – HOJRC -Sit-in-demonstration at CMC gate against deteriorating Health Services. Ms Prativa Mukherjee, advisor of HOJRC Spoke among others.

7-4-2002 : Kolkata – March to save Jadavpur KS Roy TB Hospital Org. By Committee.

7-5-2002 : Kolkata – Day long Sit-in-demonstration at Jadavpur 8 No. Bus Stand to save K S Roy TB Hospital.

June, 2002 : Punjab/Bathinda and Chandigarh units of MSC – movement against entry of Private Sector at 150 hospitals under Punjab Health System Corporation.

28-9-2001 : Kolkata – Citizen’s Convention to form Haspatal-O-Janswasthya Raksha Committee at Medical College, Calcutta. 800 attended.

1-7 Dec 2001 : Kolkata – Week long protest programme against Hospital Charges Hike. At NRS gate Central programme held on 7.12.01. Govt order burning.

26-12-2001 : Karnataka/Bellary – Medicos Rally against 15% hike of Fees at VIMS, Bellary.

2nd to 3rd week, October 2000 : Punjab/Bathinda – Campaign against Fee hike and withdrawal of subsidised rate for low income people at Punjab Health System Corporation.

1-7 Dec 2000 : Bathinda – Movement against Fly Ash Pollution of Thermal plant.

Kerala/Alleppy — Memorandum to HM of Kerala against multinational drug companies mal-campaign about Hepatitis B vaccination. Also demanded for bringing this vaccination in immunisation schedule.

23.12.98 : West Bengal — Memorandum to Health Minister against Hike of Hospital charges.

9.6.97 : W.B./ Howrah — Belur : Citizen Convention againnst demolition of Belur 'Sramajibi Hospital.' Dr. Kishan Pradhan was the Secretary of the Stearing Committee.

June 1997 : Kolkata — MSC launched movement for Restoration of Free Insulin supply from Govt. Hospitals.

November, 1997 : W.B. — Deputation to Mayor, Kolkata Corporation and Govt. of W.B. to counter Malaria, Dengue, Encephalitis menace and for Vector Control.

Nov.— Dec. 1996 : WB-MSC supported 'Save Education Movement'.

1995 : Karnataka : Movement against Kidney racket in the State.

A 'Convention' held jointly with Dept of Social Work at Senate Hall, University City Campus, Bangalore.

1994/Delhi : Movement against Imposition of charges for Investigations at RML and Safdarjung Hospitals.

1993 : Kerala — Movement against Hospital charges Hike with "Janakeya Pratirodh Samity"

April 1992 : W. B.— Movement against Hospital Charge Hike. Govt. conceded some demands. Many organisations provided support. Our leaders were attacked. Haspatal-O-Janaswasthya Raksha Committee formed.

1991 : W.B. movement against drug supply curtailment in State Hospitals. Govt. had to increase Rs. 1 crore for purchase of drugs in the last quarter of that year.

Launched protest against takeover of West Bengal Medical Council by Govt.

1987 : WB — Support to FAETO movement and their demands.

1986 : 2nd Anniversary of Bhopal Gas Disaster : Countrywide 'Protest Day' observed with Seminars, Symposia, Exhibitions, Rallies against callousness and criminal negligence of Central and State Govts.

1985 :WB — Protest letter to CM against takeover of West Bengal Medical Council.

3-12-1985 : 1st Anniversary of Bhopal Gas Disaster observed countrywide.


2011 : Odisha/Cuttack, Puri, Sambalpur, Bolangir – Programme against proposed BRMS Course.

16-12-2009 : WB/Kolkata – Vehement Protest at Assembly Gate against introduction of Bill regarding RHP/BRMHC course. Severe Lathicharge by Police on DSO students and our volunteers.

18-12-2009 : Kolkata/Moulali Yuva Kendra – Citizens Convention against 31/2 yrs medical course and police atrocities on the protesters.

2001 : Chattishgarh/Bilaspur – Movement against DCMS (31/2yrs) course with IMA.

MSC assisted in Community Health officers (DCM) movement .

1980-1981 : WB/Kolkata — Movement against introduction of short medical course (DCMS). Students Unions of all Medical Colleges of the State were involved Dr. Tarun Mandal played important role.

Village Practitioners

June-July’09 : Bihar/Muzzafarpur – Mahua-Lalganje – Village Practitioners' Protest Movement against Police Harassment.

1989 : W.B. — Participated in the movement of Village Health Workers.

15.11.07 : Kolkata – Convention at Moulali youth centre hall – ‘Solidarity to Nandigram’ addressed by Manik Mukherjee and Tarun Sanyal among others.