International Solidarity

20% of the world population living in developed industrialised countries predominantly with higher standard of living, higher usage of fossil fuels, AC, etc. are responsible for 80% of the global pollution, while rest of the population living in the less developed nations are forced to bear its ill-effects. The laws are only on paper for the superpowers. World Health Day and World Environment Day are just rituals. The governments and their agencies blatantly disregard the deleterious effects that pollution has on national health.

The immensely powerful pharma industry seems to have launched another war upon the people. While people were wondering about one viral ‘pan’demic after another ‘bursting on the scene’ with package consisting of epidemic and/or scare of epidemic, immediately followed by vaccine, anti-viral drug(s), and the size of the market, we got the Covid-19 pandemic tumbling in to upset the apple cart. Even packages of bottomless profits also seem to operate with cancer – how different are these ethically from the Nazi-engineered ‘experiments’?

Hence let us voice not Universal Health Coverage (UHC), as it is out to ensure not health of the people, but market and super profits for the health and insurance corporate. And let us be bold to accept that capitalism-imperialism does only spew war and death. Let us make clear “Which side are (we) on”. Let us initiate a militant peace movement, to force peace and health down the throats of the war mongers.

The Medical Service Centre has been alert to respond to such calls of international solidarity. Not being permitted to send medical teams with aid to Bangladesh following devastating cyclone of 1985, we handed over our collection of medicines, baby food and fund to the International Red Cross.

We have stood by the valiant fight of the international health community alongside all freedom-loving people, to support Cuba’s struggle to keep up socialism in 1992; Aid to Cuba included medicines, money and baby food.

We were an active part of the First Anti-Imperialist Convention at Kolkata, India in 14-17 November 1995 and subsequent efforts by the All India Anti-Imperialist Forum (AIAIF) and the International Anti-Imperialist and People’s Solidarity Coordinating Committee (IAPSCC).

On 11-13 November 1998 we presented our views upholding ‘Health for All by 2000 AD’ resolve at the International Health Conference at Manila, Philippines.

Although MSC has never expressed desire or attempted for formal recognition or awards for its services, there have been many examples of such from highly reputed international organisations. The first field hospital of the MSC, following the Super Cyclone in Orissa, 1999, received appreciation and logistic support of the n oble peace laureates Médicos Sin Fronteras (MSF, Spain/ Doctors Without Borders). The next field hospital following the destructive Earthquake in Gujarat, 2001, was appreciated by experts from the Disaster Medicine Department of Kobe University, Japan and logistically supported by the Indian and Ukrainian Military Field Hospital teams.

On 26 May 2001, Dr. Asok Samanta, Founder General Secretary & then Vice President joined the First International Assembly of the International League of Peoples’ Struggle, at Zutphen, The Nederlands.

We have stepped out across the border in the Indian Subcontinent to serve following the Nepal Earthquake in 2015.

Dr. Biswanath Paria & Dr. Tarun Mandal, VPs MSC, and Dr. Sanjay Kumar, Associate Professor, Department of Orthopaedics, NRS Medical College, Kolkata attended the 22nd World Congress, International Physicians for Prevention of Nuclear War (IPPNW): Confronting War, Militarisation and Global Security as an International Health Community Health Through Peace 2017; 4-6 September 2017; York University, UK. An appeal titled: “Superprofits & War – All Fight Health For All – Our Right/ by MSC was circulated to 400 delegates from 35 countries

On 12 May 2020, the noble day of Florence Nightingale Birth Bicentenary, in the footsteps of this great lady who pioneered Modern Nursing, and also Hospital system, application of Sanitation, and of Statistical Documentation in Study of Health, MSC called International Solidarity Day to Fight Against COVID-19, to pledge not to fail our colleagues who have fallen victims in this fight, fulfill their dream where Health For All will be a Right safeguarded by the state, not a commodity in the corporate market to be sold to the highest bidder!

Let us March for Health for All! Let us be rational enough to accept that in modern history it is socialism only which has for the first time really guaranteed health, education, food, water, housing, liberty from unemployment, slavery of drugs and sex, through truly practicing socialised medicine, pushed for Health for All, not ‘Selective Health Care’, and forced imperialist countries to implement social security measures which they are rapidly withdrawing in the ‘unipolar world’. Can one imagine now, particularly after Covid-19 has revealed the underbelly, that the present world order can achieve the WHO definition of health, without attaining socialistic democracy?