Conference - Seminar - Symposium - Workshop

26-2-95 : Chandigarh-Symposium on " New Drug Policy".

27-8-95 : WB/ Darjeeling / Siliguri- Symposium on "Evolution of Modern Surgery in the Social perspective". Conducted by Dr. Asim Kr. Roychowdhury. Dr. Asok Maity, Dr.Arnab Sengupta organised with others.

25-9-95 : Bihar / Patna — First Patna City Conference of MSC at Nalanda Medical College with Seminars on CPA, Health & Drug Policies, problems of Rural Health in Bihar.

5-11-95 : WB/ Hooghly — Pledge for Post Mortem Organ Donation Programme held at Mogra. Exhibition and Seminars held.

1995 : WB : Symposia on CPA and Privatisation of Health Care at different WB districts.

8-9 January 1994 : 2nd Calcutta District Conference at NRS MCH, Kolkata. Dr. Bhaskar Roy Chowdhury, Dr. D.C. Ghosh, Dr. S.A. Momen attended among others.

5-6 March 1989 : 4th W.B. State Conference at NRSMCH Kolkata.

7-4-1994 : WB / Siliguri — 'Sit & Draw Competition' held by MSC for Children.

10-4-1994 : WB / Siliguri — Privatisation of Health Care System at Ramkanai Hall by Dr. Norman Bethune MSC. Leaders from HSA, IMA, St. John Ambulance participated. Dr. Anup Maity was the main speaker.

1994 : WB / Murshidabad — First Dist. Conference of MSC at Berhampore.

1994 : Delhi — Discussion on "Effects of GATT", org. by Delhi unit.

4-8-94 : WB/ Kolkata — Seminar on 'Calcutta Fever', at Calcutta National Medical College & Hospital.

3-10-94 : WB — Discussion on 'Plague in Surat' — discussion at Kolkata and Nadia districts.

22-23 January, 1993 : WB/ Midnapore — 2nd Midnapore Dist. Conference.

28-3-1993 : Chandigarh : Symposium on "CPA and its implications". IMA, Legal bodies, Social activists with common people participated. Dr. Jagdish Chander was present.

1993 : WB/ North Dinajpur — 1st Raiganj Territorial Conference.

12-12-1993 : WB —1st Burdwan Dist. Conference.

16.01.1991 : Chandigarh unit-Symposium on "Drug and Alcohol Abuse."

7.4.91 : WB/ Kolkata — World Health Day at GLT, CMC. Seminar on "Health Hazards of Calcutta" with IMA, Calcutta Br. and HSA, WB. Dr. Asim Kr. Roychowdhury presided.

1991 : Karnataka — State Committee conducted Kotnis Memorial Lecture Series for GPs and Health Workers as CME programme.

21-7-91 : WB/ Kolkata — Seminar on "Mental Diseases in daily life" at NRSMCH Dr. Niranjan Chakraborty spoke.

9-12-91 : WB/Midnapore — Seminar on "Industrial Pollution, Accidents and safety measures" at Kolaghat.

8-3-1990 : Chandigarh — Convention against "Repression on Women" on International Women's Day.

1990 : Assam — Seminar organised to support the demands of Junior doctors movement.

27-28 October, 1990 : 2nd All India Conference of MSC held at Bangalore Medical College. Bangalore. Dr. Sadhasiva Murthy, Dr. Anupama Niranjan, Dr. V. Ramkrishna, Dr. P. Konapur, were present among others. Dr. Gangadhar K.S. was the Organising Secretary.

27-11-1990 : WB/ Kolkata — Seminar on 'Dengue' at Medical College with IMA, Calcutta Br. Dr. Amiya Kr. Hati, Dr. G.B. Banik, Dr. Pranab Bhowmik were present.

September, 1988 : Kerala / Trirandrum- Symposia in series " What should be our Medical and Health Policies"/

September, 1988 : Haryana— Seminar against New Drug Policy. Memorandum sent to Prime Minister.

September, 1988 : Haryana State Unit strongly moved against Amniocentesis and Female Foeticide. Mother's womb can not be daughter's Tomb'. MSC demanded for a Bill banning Female Foeticide. Haryana Assembly announced a Bill like that of Maharashtra.

1988 : Haryana— Seminars against Female Foeticide and for Womens' Right held in Hissar, Kurukhetra, Bhivani. A citizen's committee formed.

1988 : Chandigarh — International Women's day observed to raise awarness against female foeticide.

8-9 October 1988 : Karnataka — 1st Karnatake State Conference at Bangalore Medical College. Attended by over 600 medicos.

1988 : Karnataka — Units of MSC developed at Hubli, Shimoga, Gulbarga, Bellary dists.

1987 : Karnataka — Seminars on "Statement on National Health Policy, 1983."

11-12 July, 1987 : WB/ Kolkata — 1st All India Committee meeting held at Kolkata. Decided to launch strong campaign against anti-people National Health & Drug Policies.

1987 : WB — Statewise Protest Campaign and Central Convention against Black Hospital Bill '1987.

1986 : Kerala — Provisional State Committee formed. Dr. M.Subramani, Dr. P.K. Baiju, Dr. Venugopal, Dr. Zacharias were in the Committee.

5-2-1986 : WB/Kolkata - 2nd WB. State Conference at GLT, Medical College, Calcutta. Dr. R.N.Roy, Dr. J.C.Ghosh Dr. P.K.Sarkar, Dr. Saibal Sen attended as Speakers. Dr. B.R. Sengupta inaugurated the Exhibition on Health.

21-2-1986 : Delhi - All India Preparatory Meeting held at Delhi to hold 1st AIC within 1986.

1986 : Bihar - Provisional State Committee formed before 1st AIC in Bihar. Patna and Ranchi were explored.

20-21 Dec, 1986 : WB/Kolkata - 1st All India Conference held at Medical College, Calcutta.
982 delegates from 12 States and UTs.
Dr. Sukumar Mukherjee, Dr. MS Chakraborty,
Dr. Nemai Roy, Dr. Bholanath Chakraborty,
Dr. P.K. Singh attended among others.
Dr. G.C. Mukherjee Presided.
Dr. Nihar Kr Munsi became President and
Dr. Asok Samanta became General Secretary.

1985 : WB - Seminar, March-against Bhopal Gas Disaster and Environmental Pollution.

1985 : WB - Convention on ‘Leprosy patients problems’
and Memorandum to authority for their solutions.

10-4-1984 : WB/Kolkata - First West Bengal State Conference at Calcutta National Medical College.
Dr. Ajoy Mukherjee, Dr. I. S. Roy,
Dr. D. Sen, Dr Dhiren Nandi
attended among others in the popular talk Dr. Arnab Sengupta, Dr. Aloke Ghosh, Dr. Debadipta Das, Dr. Sasanka Nath took active part. Dr. Santosh Sarkar became President and Dr. Asoke Samanta became General Secretary of the 1st WB. State Committee.

1984 : Convention against Capitation Fee based Medical Colleges in India.